RD Foods BV

RD Foods B.V., located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is an integrated part of the RD Corporation Group and established in October 2012 as the European Sales and Distribution office for the Group’s tuna production facilities.
Our fully integrated supply chain solution provides us with controls on fishing, processing, labelling, packing, selling and distribution. Through our sister company RD Fishing we have access to tuna supplies from our own modern equipped hunting vessels where FAD’s are not really considered an option. We have chosen the sustainable fishing method of fishing without FADs and we are proud to have achieved a Free School rate of 88% of our catch. This has encouraged us to have our vessels and canneries MSC Certified as well. Many of our customers have already started to embrace MSC Tuna, caught in the PNA by our own vessels and produced in our own canneries. MSC canned tuna will be produced at Philbest Canning Corporation in The Philippines and at RD Tuna Canners Ltd in Papua New Guinea. Our facility for Frozen Steaks is RDEX in The Philippines. We have several options of bringing product across to you either direct from our canneries or through our warehouses in The Netherlands and in the United Kingdom.