RD Group is fully committed to skipjack and yellowfin tuna caught in our Ocean (Western Pacific Ocean) will remain a sustainable resource. Our fishing Group RD Fishing focuses primarily on Free School Fishing and we are proud that we are already close to a 90% Free School Fishing rate for our entire fleet. 

In addition to our Free School Fishing practice (which began in 2014), we have applied Chain of Custody certification for our vessels and factories when joining the Pacifcal MSC Program in 2018. 

From 2020 all our fishing trips will be done under MSC trip number. 

We are entering into partnerships with our customers to work on detailed sustainability programs for their canned products. In theory, our entire fishing fleet (estimated fishing capacity 100.000 MT) can be fully MSC accredited. This is a significant MSC resource enabling brand owners to switch their brand into a fully sustainable brand. 

Future developments will be working with other stakeholders to develop an responsible fishing vessel standard, to guarantee ethical and good social working condition on board of our vessels.