Code Of Conduct For Responsible Fish Procurement

With our aim to become one of the global players in the industry, it is our long-term desire to maintain a balance between business growth and social responsibility. We define sustainability as the continuous effort of our business, not only to adhere to sustainability principle, but to contribute positively to the long-term development of society and the conservation of natural resources to sustain future generations. We say, “Better. Life. Ahead.” 

We are recognizing the importance of integrating the social and environmental principles in our daily activity in our search for business excellence. We will measure our performance based on our code of principle which was conceptualized and founded on our values, mission and vision. We are implementing a clear Corporate Social Responsibility strategy throughout RD Manufacturing Group (RDMG). 

As part of this initiative, we source the raw materials used in our products with suppliers who shared our principles. We summarized our expectations in the RD Manufacturing Group Code of Conduct for Responsible Fish Procurement. This code includes practices and standards of international consensus with respect to sustainability criteria of the competent authorities Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and the principles of our Code of Conduct for Tuna Fishing. 

RD Manufacturing Group expects from all its tuna suppliers to share the principles expressed in this Code of Conduct and that they be applied to their company headquarters, subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as to the rest of the individuals with whom they maintain business relationships. The expressed commitment and compliance of our suppliers is considered essential to maintain fair, stable and long-term relationships with our suppliers. 

We developed management system to ensure that our suppliers comply with these principles. RD Manufacturing Group commits to maintaining communication with its suppliers to strengthen mutual understanding so that social responsibility criteria can be implemented in our daily activities every step of the way. We commit to support our suppliers in the implementation and monitoring of the measures needed towards full compliance of the Code. 

We will maintain and continue to reinforce the RD Manufacturing Group Code of Conduct for Responsible Tuna Procurement. We hope that this will make RD Manufacturing Group worthy of our clients and suppliers’ trust and confidence. We believe that implementation of the RD Manufacturing Group Code of Conduct for Responsible Fish Procurement will essentially improve the overall sustainability of the tuna sector and will further strengthen the product quality, competitiveness and profitability of both our company and that of our partners.